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As a background institution of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), the Human Capacities Grant Management Office (EMET) handles the Ministry’s national project proposals since its 2012 establishment. During the past few years of operation the institution has delivered financial support nearly 150 000 succesful tenderers into education, social, civil, religious and ethnic integration.  
Beside the national tenders the institution takes part in EFOP projects as well which aimed at  strengthening the Hungarian communities abroad, and thematic cooperation on the following topics: youth, health, community development and social inclusion.
Our 5th district headquarter is the building of the former Csillag Palace built in 1898. We place special emphasis on customer service: all applicants can get practical information about tender submission or ask questions directly to our colleagues at our customer service centre in Budapest. Our website and social media sites provide all information of new tenders, results and professional events. 
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